Web Browsers

A web browser is the application you use to visit web pages on the internet. Common web browsers include Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

What web browser should I use?

Most modern web browsers will work on all CCV sites. CCV IT recommends having at least two on your computer to ensure access.

  • Microsoft Edge — pre-installed on Windows computers
  • Mozilla Firefox — Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Google Chrome — Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Safari — pre-installed on Mac computers

Though not officially supported on all CCV websites, many other modern browsers work also, including Vivaldi, and Brave.

CCV IT Support

Though CCV IT policy prevents us from working on personal laptops directly, we do recommend the following steps when having trouble with a web-based application.

Ensure your web browser is up to date

Most web browsers will prompt you to update when there are updates available.

Try another browser

Sometimes a bug is present on one web browser, and not on another. If you are having trouble with a website, try using another web browser from the list above.

Cleare your cache

The Clear your Cache page has details

Providing support for the community