Password Reset

If you have forgotten your password, or your password expired, you can reset it at from any login page or directly at

  • You will need your College ID number
  • Use your chosen name (nickname) if you set one up

If you have set up security questions, then you can reset your password by answering those questions at This can be helpful if you do not know your College ID number.

Steps to Resetting your Password

Navigate to the password reset page

From any VSC login page click on the Forgot my password link.

Password Reset Link

1. Complete the form

On this screen users will enter the required information. If they did not provide a cell phone number for SMS messages then they will have to reach out to the helpdesk at for assistance.

Once all information is entered and the check box clicked, users can click SUBMIT to continue to the next step.

Password Reset Step1
Password Reset Step1

2. Select where the PIN will be sent.

A list of available places to send a PIN will be listed. In most cases there will be only one entry listed. The full number is redacted and only the last three numbers will be shown. Users will click the button next to the number and then click SEND PIN. Users will get a pop up message that will inform them that a PIN has been sent to the selected device.

Step 2. Select Communication Method
Step 2. Select Communication Method

3. Enter Reset PIN

On your SMS device, you will get a text like the one below. Use the PIN sent to your device as soon as possible as they expire after 30 minutes:


The PIN that is received will be entered on the screen (see below) and the user will click VALIDATE. If a PIN is not received in a reasonable amount of time, users can click RESEND PIN. To have another one sent.

Verify PIN
Verify PIN

4. Create a password

After the PIN has been validated the user will be given the opportunity to set a new password. They will have to enter it twice and their password must adhere to the password guidelines:

Password Rules
Password Guidelines

It will take approximately 10 seconds for the password reset to go through. You can now log into your CCV services like Canvas and the CCV Portal using your new password!



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