Updating Your Contact and Preferred Information

Students and employees can update their information at CCV by navigating to Self Service at https://selfservice.vsc.edu/Student/UserProfile. There you will have the option to add or update the following:

  • Preferred name
  • Preferred personal pronouns
  • Mailing address
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers

Preferred Name and Personal Pronouns

To update your preferred name and personal pronouns:

  1. Log into Self Service
  2. Click on the User Profile tab
  3. Click on the Edit Personal Identity button
    Edit Personal Identity Button

Contact Information

To update your other contact information on Self Service click on the pencil ✏️ icon next to the information you are updating.

To add contact information on Self Service click on the Add New… button beneath the information you are adding to.

Screenshot of the self service page





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