CCV Email General Information

Checking your CCV email is important!

Official communications are sent to your CCV email address from many departments including Financial Aid, IT, and more.

Having trouble accessing your CCV email?

We are here to help! If you are having trouble accessing your CCV email at you have a couple of options:

  1. Review the directions on CCV Email Setup and set it up yourself.
  2. Set up an appointment. Students who are new to using email can benefit a great deal from in-person help. Office staff at your local academic center can help walk you through the basics and get you on your way. Find your center’s contact information at and set up an appointment today.
  3. IT trouble?

More Information

More information about your CCV email can be found on our CCV Email page.

Forward your CCV email.

There are instructions for Logging in and Forwarding Email that can help you get your CCV email sent to another email address. It is important to note that CCV cannot guarantee delivery to any address other than you CCV email! Spam filters and auto-tagging can prevent CCV email from making it to your inbox.

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