Self Service

Self Service

Self Service can be reached directly at Using Self Service will give you access to your student records.

Once logged in you will be able to update your contact info, register for classes, review financial aid, and much more!

On Self Service students can:

Using Self Service

There are seven menu tiles to choose from. If you click on a tile, you will find links to resources, tools, and actions. Look below for descriptions and tutorials for some of the features.

Self Service Tiles
Self Service Navigation Tiles

Student Planning

Under the Student Planning tile, My Progress is a tool you will use every semester.  My Progress (aka Degree Audit) outlines all your required classes and standards. As you register for classes, they appear on My Progress. You can also plan and schedule courses directly from My Progress, or from the Plan and Schedule item within Student Planning.  See video tutorial below.

Student Planning

Graduation Overview

You can click on the Graduation Overview to complete a graduation application or check on the status of your graduation application.

Graduation Overview

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Tile

You can review your financial aid information by clicking on the below tile in Self Service.

The financial aid menu can be accessed either through a drop down at the top of the screen, or through the sidebar navigation. Review what documents are needed to award your financial aid, review your awards, or even print a copy of your financial aid offer letter.

Financial Aid navigation option
Financial Aid Expanded Navigation

Financial aid includes federal and state grants, loans, and scholarships. Check out CCV’s website for more information or contact your local financial aid counselor.

Other Self Service Items

While most Self Service items are available directly through the tiles, there are some features that are available only through the sidebar navigation. Including Unofficial Transcript and Test Summary. Click on the Hamburger Nav icon to open the sidebar.

Hamburger Nav Expanded

Student Records Release (FERPA)

To add permission for CCV to release records to family or other individuals navigate to the Student Records Release page:

  1. Launch Self-Service and click on the Hamburger Nav icon to open the sidebar.
  2. Expand the User Options section.
  3. Click on Student Records Release.
Screenshot of the Student Records Release location on Self Service

SelfService Video Tutorials on Student Planning:

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