Managing Canvas Notifications

Canvas notifications can help you keep on top of your coursework. However, these notifications can sometimes be repetitive and overwhelming! Read on to learn how to customize your Canvas notification settings to prevent notification overload.

Canvas Notification Settings

Head over to your Notification Settings ( page on Canvas. If that link doesn’t work you can find it on any Canvas page under: Account > Settings > Notifications.

Customize Notification Preferences

You will see a list of notification types, like Discussions and Course Activities and Assignments. You will also see a list of the contact methods you have set up, like your VSC email address, and the Canvas Student mobile apps, and any other email addresses you may have added. You can customize each type of notification for each method.

Choose How You Want to Be Notified

For each notification type, select your preferred notification method. Canvas offers options like email, and push notifications through the Canvas app. Click on the icon for the notification type and method you want to customize, and a dropdown menu will appear with notification method choices. Push notifications can be turned on or off. Email options include immediate, daily, weekly, or off.

Want to learn more?

There is a useful video that goes into more detail on the Canvas Community site on their Canvas notifications video tutorial page. Begin the video at 1:11 to see process we just discussed in action.

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