Classweb provides students, staff, and faculty access to individual web hosting services. Most commonly used to create WordPress sites for computer science classes, there are over 150 available services provided on

Logging in

Step 1 navigate to login page

Visit Classweb: Click Login and enter your VSC credentials.

Screenshot showing the location of the login link.

Step 2 – navigate to the Dashboard

Once logged in, a welcome banner is displayed along the top of the page. Click on Dashboard.

Screenshot showing the location of the dashboard link

Step 3 – initial login site creation

The first time you login, classweb automatically generates a site for you as follows: Please note, while a website is created, there are no files or data to display, yet.

Screenshot showing the location of the newly created website address.

Additional Resources

Congratulations! Your Classweb website has been created! Now what?

Whether your creating a custom website, or working with one of the many applications available in Classweb, like WordPress, you will most likely need some guidance on how proceed. Here are some suggestions:

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