Change the Color

  • Right click on the taskbar itself. A menu should appear, at the bottom of that menu there is a “settings” option, click that to begin.

  • The window that pops up has a menu to the left of it, click “color”.

  • Choose the color you would like your taskbar to be and click the “Show color on Start, taskbar, and action center” option.

Pin Items

  • Open the item you would like to pin and right click. Then click “Pin to taskbar”. This will make it so the item is always on the taskbar.

Unpinning Items

  • Right click on the taskbar, the item you want to unpin, and click “Unpin from taskbar” and the item will disappear from the taskbar.

Pinning Items From Start Menu

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Right click on the App you’d like to pin to the taskbar
  • Hover over the “More” option
  • Select “Pin to taskbar”

  • You should now see the item you pinned at the far-right of your taskbar

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