OneNote is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It gathers users’ notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network. When you first open OneNote, there will be a helpful guide with screenshots and videos.


Navigation Menu (Ribbon System)

The picture above shows the Ribbon System, or what is more commonly known as, the Navigation Menu. Each tab will bring up a different set of tools to modify and control your document. By pressing the Alt key, OneNote will show you the shortcut combos to quickly navigate the menu and features inside each menu. To use these shortcuts just tap Alt then the key shown, alt does not have to be held down.

  • The “File” tab will bring up a new window where you can save, open, print, and share a document. This is also where you can create a new document.
  • The “Home” tab is where you can edit your text font, size, color, etc. In this menu you can also add tags to notes and email notes to other people.
  • The “Insert” tab is where you’ll insert or embed things into your document such as space, tables, file printouts, images(from online or offline, page templates, symbols, time stamps, links, and recordings.
  • The “Draw” tab allows you to select different colors, shapes, and styles of pen to draw on your note.
  • The “History” tab is where you can view all the edits, you can see time they were made, by who, and what changes were made.
  • The “Review” tab is where you can check spelling, or for a different word in the Thesaurus. You can also translate text here and set a password on sections of the document so no one else can edit them. You can also research on this page
  • The “Research” feature can be found in the Review tab of the navigation menu if you are logged into OneNote with an account that has access to Office 365. Research allows you to look up a word in the dictionary or thesaurus without needing to open a web browser.
  • The “View tab allows you to change how you see the document on screen. In this menu you can change the color or size of the paper. You can also change how the paper is ruled and zoom in and out from the paper


 Edge Integration

While using Microsoft Edge, you have the ability to write on webpages and then export your notes to OneNote. To do this, go to the top right corner of Edge and click or tap on “Make a web note” (image below)

Once at this point, you’re free to edit the webpage with pens, highlighters, an eraser, typed notes and clips. Once you’re satisfied with your masterpiece, select either the share or save icon at the top right of your screen.


Insert Videos

To insert a video from the internet, all you have to do is copy the link from the video source, open the insert tab and click “Online Video”, which should be next to “Online Pictures.” From here, all you have to do is paste the link into the “Video Address” field and click “OK.”


Sharing Across Devices (Requires OneDrive Account)

To start, you should click on “File” in the top left corner and under the “Info” section, you will find a highlighted section titled “Share Across Devices.” Click the button inside it that says “Share” and select a place.

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